NitroCarb™ is a vacuum-tight oxygen sensor for nitrocarburizing processes. A fully gas-tight design, coupled with low-temperature operation and a special sheath, allows the NitroCarb™ to work in all FNC environments where other probes simply cannot. 

The Inconel 600 Sheath is vented to prevent accumulated moisture during high dew-point heat ups. Electrode design is tailored to nitrocarburizing temperatures up to 550°C (1022°F). Probe also provides a signal to the control instrumentation to calculate the Kc potential. 


  • Ventilated sheath
  • Solid Zirconia electrolyte
  • Vacuum-tight, sealed head
  • High temperature alloy sheath
  • All stainless-steel connection fittings



  • Capable of measurement and control of nitrocarburizing atmospheres when used in conjunction with H2Smart™ hydrogen analyzer
  • Measurement and control of pre- and post-oxidation processes
Output in a heat treating atmosphere 1000 to 1200 mV DC
MIN operating temp 800°F [425°C]
MAX operating temp 1200°F [650°C]*SEE WARRANTY CARD*
Sensor head temp 200 °F max.
Sensitivity 0.02 mV or .0025% C
Accuracy ±0.03% C
Stability ±1 mV over sensor life
Response time Less than 1 second
Impedance Less than 6 K ohm
Sensor construction Stabilized zirconia solid electrolyte; patented alloy electrode
Thermal shock Caution is advised, obey installation & removal procedures
Sensor Life About 2 years with normal use
Warranty 1 year usage, non-prorated
Serviceability No field service required, rebuildable at factory
Reference air requirement 0.2 to 0.5 MAX SCFH filtered air *See Reference Air Installation*