The Oxymit™ transmitter provides a cost-effective solution for oxygen and temperature transmission (4-20 mA) to your DCS system. This DIN rail module provides full probe maintenance / probe verification functions. Up to four Oxymit™ transmitters can be integrated with reference air and verification functions for up to four probes in a single enclosure.




The PROTHERM 470™ controller is designed to monitor, control, record, and archive combustion processes running in a furnace or simultaneously in multiple chambers. This powerful controller is suitable for various types of batch and continuous operations and can be installed on new, retrofit, or refurbished equipment. The fully configurable I/O channels can be used with oxygen sensors or any sensor with an analog output signal or Modbus communications.

  • Visual display of the sensor values
  • Up to 4 oxygen sensors may be displayed and logged
  • Can hold up to 32 PID control-loops to regulate configured process parameters such as temperature, process pressure, oxygen potential, etc.
  • Compatible with most sensor outputs
  • All process parameters can be configured with alarm limits
  • Notification and processing of alarms
  • Process variables can be viewed and recorded with chart recorders
  • Recipe log files in PDF and ASCII-CSV format can be downloaded to a remote computer for archiving
  • Up to 99 treatments and templates can be created and modified
Colour Display 5.5” (¼ DIN)
Function Keys 7
Turn & Press Knob Included
Serial Port Included
Keyboard Port Included
USB Port 2
Ethernet Port Included
2nd Ethernet Port Optional
CANopen Included
Modbus RTU Included
Modbus TCP Included
Internal I/O’s Optional
Profibus Optional