Low-pressure vacuum carburizing is a state-of-the-art thermal process where carburizing is effected under very low pressures (7-13 mbar). Parts are first heated in vacuum to above the transformation temperature of the alloy and then exposed to carbon-carrying gas, or gas mixtures, under partial pressure. Nitrex has developed a revolutionary process called “Pulse-Pressure”, a method quickly becoming the industry standard.
Relative to conventional carburizing, the main advantages of the method are:
· Shorter cycle time with tight process control
· Repeatable results to within ±0.001″ (±25µm)
· Uniform homogeneity of carburizing case depths
· Significantly reduced size changes and distortion
· Improved fatigue strength
· Better control of the surface layer chemistry
· Eliminates intergranular oxidation
· Environmentally friendly process

The basic aspects or carburizing in general are described in the Conventional Carburizing section.

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