The QuickSilver II ™ provides state-of-the-art features in a cost-effective package.  This reliable oxygen probe is suitable for use in carburizing, carbonitriding, neutral hardening and generator applications.


  • Thermal Shock Resistant – Installs in seconds instead of 1″ (25.4 mm) every 2 minutes like older technologies
  • Patented AccusenseTM provides industry-leading accuracy while resisting sooting
  • CPI burn-off (air purge) fitting is standard for maximum safety
  • Every probe is 100% furnace tested and certified
  • Response time < 1.0 second
  • S, K, or R type T/C’s available
  • Insertion lengths of 23.6″ (600 mm), 31.5″ (800 mm) or 39.4″ (1,000 mm)
  • Standard 12-month warranty (lease option available)
  • Corrosion-proof quick connect XLR standard with adapters for any connection
Carbon Potential Range- 0.10% to 1.4%
Output in normal heat treating- 1000 to 1200 mV DC
Normal sensor operating temp.- 1400 to 1850°F **
Sensor cover temp limit- 200OF max.
Sensitivity- 0.02 mv or .0025% C
Accuracy- ±0.03% C
Stability- ±1 mv over probe life
Response time- Less than 1 second
Impedance- Less than 6 K ohm
Sensor construction- Stabilized zirconia solid electrolyte; patented alloy electrode
Sensor thermal shock- Caution is advised, outer alloy sheath protects ceramic zirconia tube.
Sensor Life- About 2 years with normal use
Warranty- 1 year usage, non-prorated
Reference air requirement- 0.2 to 1.0 MAX SCFH filtered ambient air
** minimum operating temp 1150 °F