Working with gear manufacturers over three decades, we have process- and application-specific know-how to help companies achieve process optimization in manufacturing, as well as to ensure that heat treated components meet or exceed performance and design expectations.

Gears are subjected not only to wear but also to cyclical dynamic loads, calling for sufficient bending and contact fatigue resistance. Nitrex solutions enhance the physical properties of the gear surface to improve performance without altering the properties of the core, resulting in longer-lasting gears.

Nitriding Systems

Nitrex nitriding / nitrocarburizing systems and technologies deliver superior quality and performance, improving the wear and corrosion resistance of a number of steel types.




Vacuum Furnaces

From vacuum brazing to precipitation hardening furnaces








UPC upgrades 

Control system upgrades and retrofits for all types of furnaces.


Type of gears processed

Spur gears

Helical gears

Rack and Pinion

Bevel gears

Miter gears

Worm and Worm gears

Screw gears

Internal gears

Bevel gears

Ring gears

Spline gears

Materials include carbon steels, alloy steels, stainless steels, and cast iron.