Tooling is a critical element in the transformation and manufacturing of metal parts. The main phenomena limiting the useful life of tools are frictional wear and thermal fatigue in the case of hot-work tools. The cost of wear is very high and comprises not only a shorter working life due to premature failure, but also downtime required to replace the worn part or tool.

Working with the tooling industry for over three decades, Nitrex has process- and application-specific know-how to help companies achieve process optimization in manufacturing, as well as to ensure that tooling meet or exceed performance and design expectations.

Nitriding Furnaces

Nitrex nitriding / nitrocarburizing systems and technologies deliver superior quality and performance, improving the wear and corrosion resistance of a number of steel types.




Vacuum Furnaces

From vacuum brazing to precipitation hardening furnaces






Control system upgrades and retrofits for all types of furnaces.



Aluminum die casting dies

Aluminum die casting sleeves

Aluminum extrusion dies

Ejector pins

Forging dies

Forming dies

Plastic extrusion screws & other related tooling

Press dies

Tool holder

Hot-work die steels containing 5% chromium such as H11, H12, and H13

Air-hardening tool steels such as A-2, A-6, D-2, D-3 and S-7

High-speed tool steels such as M-2 and M-4

Nitronic stainless steels such as 30, 40,50 and 60