The heavy-duty NXH Front-Loading gas nitriding / nitrocarburizing furnaces provide flexibility for a wide range of applications. The specially designed retort furnace and heating elements

guarantee long and reliable service. Other product innovations provide faster load heat-up rate, excellent temperature, and nitriding uniformity.

Deploying multiple controlled heating zones ensures the best temperature uniformity inside the retort, typically +/-5°C (9°F) or better. NX furnaces are built for fast heat-up rates and uniform temperature throughout the load.

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Model Working Space ( W x H x L ) Load Capacity
NXH-669 23½˝ x 23½˝ x 35½˝
600 x 600 x 900mm

1700 lbs
800 kg
NXH-9812 23½˝ x 23½˝ x 47¼˝
600 x 600 x 1200mm
1700 lbs
800 kg
NXH-9812 35½˝ x 31½˝ x 47¼˝
900 x 800 x 1200mm
2200 lbs
1000 kg
NXH-9818 35½˝ x 31½˝ x 71″
900 x 800 x 1800mm
3330 lbs
1500 kg

NOTE: Nitrex reserves the right to make changes without notice
For non-standard sizes, please contact Nitrex

  • Inconel 600 (refractory steel) retort and racking for long service life and non-reactive interaction with nitriding atmosphere.
  • Uniform temperature distribution obtained through independently controlled heating zones
  • Intensive atmosphere circulation ensures full control of nitriding potential in all stages of the process.
  • Light ceramic fiber insulation reduces heat losses and thus energy consumption.
  • Kanthal long-lasting heating elements.
  • Integrated cooling system.
  • Possible to outfit larger size furnaces with ‘Turbo’ cooler to significantly reduce the cooling time of load. This option is ideal when productivity is a major issue.
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Preconfigured & factory-tested
  • Pre-tested for metallurgical results
  • Fully automated operation guarantees repeatable and consistent results
  • True Nitriding/Nitrocarburizing Process Control – Compliant with specifications AMS 2759/10 and AMS 2759/12
  • Superior case properties per customer specifications
  • Various case configurations possible
  • Repetition of results
  • System for data archiving and reporting as well as remote diagnostics
  • Scada connectivity
  • Clean, environmentally friendly processes powered by Nitrex effluent neutralizers


The Nitrex process control system is a product of extensive R&D in process automation and enables accurate process execution and consistency of results. The entire nitriding /nitrocarburizing process is executed in an automatic, self-adjusting and operator independent manner.


This expert system monitors and responds to changes in nitriding conditions by regulating the following parameters and operating functions:

  • Furnace heating functions such as process temperature, and overheat control with automatic emergency procedures
  • Atmosphere composition and flow for a cycle
  • Nitriding atmosphere ratios
  • Nitriding Potential KN (dissociation rate, for customer defined cycles)
  • Temperature for each process stage
  • Gas pressure inside the retort
  • Gas recirculation
  • Execution of the cooling stage and shutdown
  • Cooling water
  • Process safety features



With our ‘set & forget’ process, the user selects the desired recipe from a library of researched and tested recipes and initiates a process. From there, all stages of the nitriding cycle (e.g., purge, heat, process control, and cool) are automatically carried out sequentially in one uninterrupted cycle, without further operator intervention. This set-up provides a high degree of accuracy in process execution, contributing to consistency in nitriding / nitrocarburizing results.



  • Nitreg® Potential-Controlled Gas Nitriding
  • Nitreg®-C Potential-Controlled Gas Nitrocarburizing
  • Nitreg®-S Potential-Controlled Gas Nitriding with In-Process Activation for Stainless Steels
  • Nano-S™ Potential-Controlled Gas Nitriding for Stainless Steels (with better corrosion resistance)
  • ONC® In-Process Post-Nitriding or Post-Nitrocarburizing Oxidation
  • Phase-Controlled Gas Nitriding and Nitrocarburizing


Assures a clean, environmentally friendly process
Economical and safe
supply of dissociated
Internal accelerated cooling system to reduce cooling time by 40% or more.
Recirculates clean cooling
water to prolong the longevity of furnace elements.
Easy-to-assemble Inconel
baskets and trays constructed for safe and easy loading
provides a controlled, stable supply of clean water to the cooling coils of the furnace’s accelerated cooling internal heat exchanger