Direct Reading Dew Point Analyzer

FurnaceDoctor®-DPT measures dewpoint in a compact, portable package. The unit is ideal for use in applications where a secondary reading is needed to verify in process measurement and controls for standards compliance. The simple interface, easy process connection, and quick response time provide efficient measurement on multiple pieces of equipment or process points.




  • Direct reading digital display of process dew point
  • Designed for use in heat-treat applications
  • Easy to use simple operation
  • No interpretation errors
  • Operator training in minutes!
  • Ideal for use on atmosphere generators or furnaces
  • Equivalent % Carbon is computed for cross checking O2 probe systems
  • Long life rechargeable lead acid battery
  • Short response times, even when moving between a high and low dew point process
  • Unit can be calibrated to NIST traceable standards
  • Calibration certificate is supplied with factory calibration
Accuracy: ±1°C temperature dewpoint
Range: -50 to 80°F (-46 to 27°C)
Filtration: 0.5 Micron solid element
0.3 Micron coalescing filter
Pump Capacity: 16.3 cfh @ 1 PSI (7.7 lpm @ 69 mbar)
Power Source: 12 VDC internal battery
Power Requirement for Charging: 120 VAC,50-60 Hz