Modern surface treatments like controlled gas nitriding/nitrocarburizing have gained undeniable popularity across various industries as a cost-effective, versatile, reliable, and environment-friendly method of enhancing the surface properties of metal parts and components. 
Manufacturing companies serving the automotive, aerospace, tooling, and several other industries are replacing traditional gas nitriding, salt bath, ion nitriding (aka plasma nitriding), as well as carburizing with controlled nitriding to achieve cost advantages in manufacturing. These highly efficient heat-treating processes maintain the right tolerances of finished components, eliminating costly finishing operations and limiting distortion while improving the component wear, fatigue, and corrosion properties as well as maximizing the life span and productivity of engineered parts.
Not sure which process is right for you? Our technical team will work closely with you to get a real understanding of your application requirements and determine the best solutions for your parts. 
• Enhanced Component Fatigue and Corrosion Resistance
• Precise Control of Case Depth
• Precise Control of Surface Hardness
• No Distortion
• Green Technology, No Waste Pollution