A Nitrex preventive maintenance plan optimizes the operational reliability of your furnace asset and related support equipment throughout their life cycle – reducing the likelihood of unexpected downtime and keeping costs and lost time to a minimum. Our plans include remote support, field service visits, system evaluation reports, upgrades, rebuilds, spare parts, and consumables.

Our Customer Support Services Team is available to remotely support, troubleshoot, and resolve system issues and more. With a basic 1-year contract, you can take advantage of up to 12 complimentary hours of remote technical assistance.

Our laboratory experts will periodically test and analyze your samples for assurance that the process recipe is in compliance with your application requirements. Carried out at regular intervals throughout the term of your contract, metallurgy evaluations allow for a more fine-tuned and efficient heat treating process.

Following the service visit, a detailed report is issued describing all points of inspection, the state of equipment and components, as well as recommendations for repairs or replacements, including new safety improvements to secure compliance with the latest safety standards.

From minor modifications to major overhauls, Nitrex can help manage your upgrade project. Project managers and field teams work together with you to extend the serviceable life of your most important assets, boosting furnace performance and process reliability, while ensuring compliance to the latest quality and safety standards.

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To ensure your system is always up and running at peak performance, Nitrex supplies genuine OEM replacement parts vetted and verified for use in your Nitrex system, ensuring a safe operation and the longevity of your key asset. Staying with the supplier of your original equipment ensures reliable performance with fewer problems, less downtime, and increased productivity.


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