The PROTHERM 50 calculates and controls residual oxygen, partial pressures of oxygen, temperature, nitriding depth or carbon potential. An oxygen probe, a Lambda probe or a CO2 analyzer can be attached for taking readings and calculating parameters. The device is operated by the means of a turn/push button and can be configured through a serial connection.

With the integrated CANbus or the optional Profibus DP or Mod/J bus interfaces, the device can also be attached to common PLC controllers and SCADA systems.

  • A gas mixture model calculation for oxygen content (log(pO2)), carbon potential (CP), water vapor (H2O), dew point (TP), CO2-value, KO, KC, KH and KN.
  • High precision inputs for mV and thermocouples
  • Control of O2 probe burn off cycles
  • Onboard IO
  • Support for industrial communications
  • Dimensions: 96 mm x 96 mm, depth 230 mm
  • Power supply 24 V DC/150 mA
  • 3 x analog high precision inputs (mV and thermocouples)
  • 3 x digital inputs
  • 5 x freely configurable relays
  • Max. ambient temperature 55°C
  • 9 pole SUB-D connecting plug
  • Integrated CANbus module; 125 Kbytes at approximately 500 m
  • Optional PROFIBUS-DP or J/Modbus interface available